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EU-Kommission und USA haben sich auf Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework verständigt - Privacy-Shield-Nachfolger

EU-Kommission und USA haben sich auf ein neues Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework verständigt, welches die Nachfolge des des EU-US-Privacy-Shield antreten soll (dazu: EuGH: EU-US Privacy Shield genügt nicht den Vorgaben der DSGVO und ist ungültig).

Die Pressemitteilung der EU-Kommission:

The European Commission and the United States announce that they have agreed in principle on a new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, which will foster trans-Atlantic data flows and address the concerns raised by the Court of Justice of the European Union in the Schrems II decision of July 2020.

The new Framework marks an unprecedented commitment on the U.S. side to implement reforms that will strengthen the privacy and civil liberties protections applicable to U.S. signals intelligence activities. Under the Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework, the United States is to put in place new safeguards to ensure that signals surveillance activities are necessary and proportionate in the pursuit of defined national security objectives, establish a two-level independent redress mechanism with binding authority to direct remedial measures, and enhance rigorous and layered oversight of signals intelligence activities to ensure compliance with limitations on surveillance activities.

The Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework reflects more than a year of detailed negotiations between the U.S. and E.U. led by Secretary of Commerce Gina Raimondo and Commissioner for Justice Didier Reynders. It will provide a durable basis for trans-Atlantic data flows, which are critical to protecting citizens' rights and enabling trans-Atlantic commerce in all sectors of the economy, including for small and medium enterprises. By advancing cross-border data flows, the new framework will promote an inclusive digital economy in which all people can participate and in which companies of all sizes from all of our countries can thrive.

The announcement is another demonstration of the strength of the U.S.-EU relationship, in that we continue to deepen our partnership as a community of democracies to ensure both security and respect for privacy and to enable economic opportunities for our companies and citizens. The new Framework will facilitate further U.S.-EU cooperation, including through the Trade and Technology Council and through multilateral fora, such as the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development, on digital policies.

The teams of the U.S. Government and the European Commission will now continue their cooperation with a view to translate this arrangement into legal documents that will need to be adopted on both sides to put in place this new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework. For that purpose, these U.S. commitments will be included in an Executive Order that will form the basis of the Commission's assessment in its future adequacy decision.

Fact Sheet:

The European Commission and the United States reached an agreement in principle for a Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.

Key principles
• Based on the new framework, data will be able to flow freely and safely between the EU and participating U.S. companies

• A new set of rules and binding safeguards to limit access to data by U.S. intelligence authorities to what is necessary and proportionate to protect national security; U.S. intelligence agencies will adopt procedures to ensure effective oversight of new privacy and civil liberties standards

• A new two-tier redress system to investigate and resolve complaints of Europeans on access of data by U.S. Intelligence authorities, which includes a Data Protection Review Court

• Strong obligations for companies processing data transferred from the EU, which will continue to include the requirement to self-certify their adherence to the Principles through the U.S. Department of Commerce

• Specific monitoring and review mechanisms

Benefits of the deal

• Adequate protection of Europeans’ data transferred to the US, addressing the ruling of the European Court of Justice (Schrems II)

• Safe and secure data flows

• Durable and reliable legal basis

• Competitive digital economy and economic cooperation

• Continued data flows underpinning €900 billion in cross-border commerce every year

Next steps: The agreement in principle will now be translated into legal documents. The U.S.
commitments will be included in an Executive Order that will form the basis of a draft adequacy
decision by the Commission to put in place the new Trans-Atlantic Data Privacy Framework.


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